to create a world

Gallim Presents the World Premiere of To Create a World

February 12–17, 2019 | The Joyce Theater

Andrea Miller, Artistic Director of Gallim, returned to The Joyce Theater after a year as the choreographer-in-residence at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Building on her discoveries there, Miller’s new work, To Create a World, harnessed the uncompromising virtuosity and raw vulnerability of the Gallim dancers in a provocative study of the human body and its instinct to survive.

To Create a World featured an original score by composer/multi-instrumentalist Will Epstein, lighting design by Burke Brown, and costume design by Jose Solis.

To Create a World has been made possible by co-commissioning support from Jody and John Arnhold, a commissioning grant from the O’Donnell-Green Music and Dance Foundation, and additional funding from the Harkness Foundation for Dance.


From the poetry collection To create a world

You should judge the animal objectively. Omit sleeping hours. Forget how many pounds of red meat and carbohydrates it consumes.

Mating numbers can indicate voracity or appeasement. The organs length and flexibility are shortcomings that do not admit reasoning.

It is essential to judge the animal with objectivity. Without blinking, without mumbling.

Look at the animal straight into its eyes and spare no injury.

Keep quiet. Keep prudent distance.

Written by JuanFe Rengifo Borrero (New Orleans Review / 2013)

“Rangy and angular, can reveal the soulful, strange side of sorrow”


“Textural and psychological, a multilayered exploration of the body’s instinct to survive”


“Spiritual and superbly human”


Costume Design:
Jose Solis, in collaboration with Andrea Miller

Run time:
60 Minutes

Allysen Hooks, David Maurice, Gary Reagan, Haley Sung, Isabel Umali, Dan Walczak; Apprentice: Ashley Hill

February 12-17, 2019, The Joyce Theater

Andrea Miller, in collaboration with the Gallim dancers

Lighting Design: 
Burke Brown

Original Score and Sound Design:
Will Epstein


To Create a World. Video by Ben Stamper. Black and white photos by Alexander Katan-Schmid. Graphic design by Liliana Dirks-Goodman.