Photo by Tom Caravaglia.


September 22 - 23, 2013| Guggenheim Works & Process

In pursuit of the boxes’ elusive essence, the performers explore the physical, sensorial and spiritual properties of human beings—as parallel contents and containers of existence.

Gallim partnered with lead commissioner Montclair State University Peak Performances Series and co-commissioner Dancers Workshop Jackson Hole on the creation and premiere of Andrea Miller’s new work, Fold Here. In collaboration with Israeli video artist Tal Rosner, and American lighting designer Robert Wierzel, Fold Here unfolds in an implausible universe filled with empty cardboard boxes as the basic units of all existing matter. Miller’s Fold Here was initially inspired by Raymond Carver’s short story Cathedral, in which a sighted man’s hand is guided by a blind man’s heart in drawing a cathedral.

Raymond Carver’s short story Cathedral “opened up questions that I feel when I’m making work: Can you tell what something is? How do you learn about what it is? How has the artist chosen to communicate what it is?”


“Andrea Miller is known for creating work that blends wild-child dynamism with quiet emotional resonance. Expect both in full force in Fold Here, the most complex piece to date for her six-year-old company, Gallim Dance.”

“Try cadging a ride to see Andrea Miller’s Fold Here, inspired by a Raymond Carver short story and danced on a stage eerily full of cardboard boxes. Her viscerally physical movement wrings every inch of life from her dancers-and you’ll be holding your breath, too.”

“Ms. Miller is one of a handful of rising-star choreographers who, dance experts say, are shaping this generation of the art form while trying to provide a more stable environment for the community at large.”


Sept. 22-23, 2013, Guggenheim Works & Process

World Premiere:
Sept. 26-29, 2013, Montclair University Peak Performances

Andrea Miller in collaboration with the GALLIM dancers

Running Time:
Approx. 60 min.


Film and Graphics Design:
Tal Rosner

Lighting Design:
Robert Wierzel


Fold Here. Photos by Mallory Rosenthal and Tom Caravaglia.