Andrea Miller’s Blush expands the sudden moment of blushing into a sixty-minute flood.

Dense with emotional rawness and physical exertion, this intimate work chases one of the most elusive human expressions – the blush – through the stress and raptures as it melts to the edges of the skin. Set in a boxing ring-like arena, Blush unravels to the music of Mannyfingers, Andrej Przybytkowski, Chopin, Kap Bambino, Arvo Part and Wolf Parade. Since its 2009 premiere, Blush has toured nationally and internationally to the highest critical acclaim, and received the 2011 National Dance Project Touring Award.

Miller “crafts eye-catching, original movement that vaguely suggests everything from ballet to punk alienation, while often engineering startling constructs and sequences all her own.”


“Gallim Dance brought the goods last night… but it wasn’t simply the fact that Miller’s work is a suspenseful evolution of highs, lows, peaks and valleys; it was also that the dancers look like they’re having a blast dancing it.”

“Sexy, reckless and edgy as hell, this performance [is] exciting as high art can get.”

2009, Joyce SoHo. Redeveloped: 2009, Jacob’s Pillow.

Andrea Miller

Lighting Design:
Vincent Vigilante

Costume Design:
Jose Solis

Mannyfingers, Andrej Przybytkowski, Chopin, Kap Bambino, Arvo Part, Wolf Parade

Running Time:
60 minutes, no intermission