Photo by Aaron Barnett.

Gallim's Create:ART artist residency Program

Gallim's Artist Residency Space Grant Program in support of Create:ART

A vital component of Gallim’s mission is to serve the next generation of artists and nurture their creativity. Gallim seeks to provide pathways necessary for young and emerging artists across multiple disciplines to unearth their individual voices. Our landmark Brooklyn studio provides a home for extensive physical research and artistic development in our local community and beyond. 

Guided by these values, Gallim provides two emerging choreographers free rehearsal space as they set temporary artistic roots in Gallim’s beautiful Brooklyn space through Gallim's Create:ART Artist Residency Program, a new, week-long Gallim program dedicated solely to the creative process. The residency week culminates in a sharing of the selected artists' work at the seasonal Create:ART event.

Gallim's Create:ART Artist Residency Program was developed in direct response to the need for space in order to support the art-making process in the New York metropolitan area. To date, Gallim has provided over 50 hours of free rehearsal space through this program.


"The Gallim x Create:ART Artist Residency Program has provided me with the two most coveted resources in New York: time and space. These integral ingredients allow for mistakes to be made as well as agency for the original idea of a piece to warp, grow, and find its truest form. The work I create and am interested in continuing calls for immense research into human emotion and the humor of everyday angst. It is necessary to play and experiment; it is necessary to have resources that feed the rehearsal process with an understanding that, even if what is tested during rehearsal does not make the final cut, the final product was impacted by this play. This incredible program gives me liberty to question and occasion to grow, and for that I am grateful."  - Hannah Garner, Artistic Director of 2nd Best Dance Company and Gallim's July 2018 Create:ART Resident Artist

About Create:ART

Founded by Gallim Dancer Georgia Usborne and partner Rosie DeAngelo, Create:ART provides a relaxed platform for local artists to show their work in any stage of the creation process.


Photos by Aaron Barnett and Leisa DeCarlo.